So yesterday I freaked out cause my netflix online wasn't working.  This is serious shit, because this is where I get my daily dose of Laura Prepon (Donna)
You can see why I would freak out.  She is so hot I've developed a visual dependency.  It's pretty bad. I need an intervention

After that, I ended up going on a beer run with my friends nate and frank at like 12 30.  Not smart, cause I drank the beer I bought for me for St Paddys Day that night.  Oh and I also totally beat it to Date Night where Tina Fey is a stripper.  Best.  Thing.  Ever.

Well besides sex.  And weed.  And beer.  Yeah

I'm also totally diggin' my new girl Meagan.  She's awesome and a lot like me.  She's hot too, which is quite a plus.  Hopefully this will solidify into a relationship, but I'm cool with "movie nights" ;D for now.

Also, thinking of banana girl periodically.  But that story is for next time laddies

Thanks for the music last time too guys/gals! I really liked carnival of rust by Poets of the Fall.  They rock hard.

So tell me followers...
Where was the CRAZIEST place you had/wish you had sex?


  1. at my bed, man it was insaneeeeeeeeee

  2. Top of a castle tower not too far from where I live - in the middle of the tourist season... thank god for really steep noisy steps and a girl that came far too quickly

  3. The craziest (not in a good way) place was in the back of a car with no heating on a very cold night. It didn't work out as well as planned, but at least mouths are warm.

  4. Church basement. Used to be proud of that. Now, not so much, comes with growing up I guess.

  5. guess i'm not that crazy.... shower? hehe

  6. On the roof of a 99-cent store. Right over the big fucking sign.

  7. You're right, she is really hot.

  8. At the top of a parking garage. . .watching fireworks.

  9. Craziest place was with a chick while her husband was in the next room...was so hot. >.>

  10. INSIDE a mixing console. It was rather KASH.
    That was his name - Kash, he was the tape op.
    I'm not even gay. Meth man, you end up in some crazy situations.