So yesterday I freaked out cause my netflix online wasn't working.  This is serious shit, because this is where I get my daily dose of Laura Prepon (Donna)
You can see why I would freak out.  She is so hot I've developed a visual dependency.  It's pretty bad. I need an intervention

After that, I ended up going on a beer run with my friends nate and frank at like 12 30.  Not smart, cause I drank the beer I bought for me for St Paddys Day that night.  Oh and I also totally beat it to Date Night where Tina Fey is a stripper.  Best.  Thing.  Ever.

Well besides sex.  And weed.  And beer.  Yeah

I'm also totally diggin' my new girl Meagan.  She's awesome and a lot like me.  She's hot too, which is quite a plus.  Hopefully this will solidify into a relationship, but I'm cool with "movie nights" ;D for now.

Also, thinking of banana girl periodically.  But that story is for next time laddies

Thanks for the music last time too guys/gals! I really liked carnival of rust by Poets of the Fall.  They rock hard.

So tell me followers...
Where was the CRAZIEST place you had/wish you had sex?


Tha Smokiez

Hey guys/gals, whatsup?

So yeah, been away for awhile, just got back from hiking in the SMOKY MOTHERFUCKING MOUNTAINS


Details on the Trail <-- manpower right there. 6000 ft up.  11.2 miles total.  Yeah.

So yeah, after an 11 hour bus ride down south to the great state of Tennessee.  Stayed at by bud Nate's place, and smoked mad weed.  Holy hell.  My mind included the following:

That is all that needed to be said about that.

Besides that, the girls have toned it down.  I'll be seeing Meagan Saturday! Woooooo party roqq

So followers,


I need more toonz on mah I pawd