Mission: Accomplished

Well dedicated followers, this is it.

Last night was a heaven and hell Phi Psi party.  Sigma Psi was co sponsoring it, and I finally found my angel there.  Lame I know, but she's awesome.

She's the sorority girl mentioned in the first post.  Plus I can't stop thinking about her which is awesome

So, rundown of the night

  • Get there
  • Search for her
  • Give up periodically
  • Danssss mah asss awf
  • Grab a smoke
  • On the way back, found her standing outside
  • Talk a bit
  • Go back in with her
  • Get in a awk dance circle
  • Danssss mah ass awf anyways
  • She's gettin up on me and I'm into it
  • Grabbin at... parts
  • SCORE!

I am ecstatic

The one thing about last night was that since I took my facebook down, she was wondering if I was still together with my ex.  Which I wasn't, but that created some confusion.  That's over and done with though hopefully

Listening to more Beatles.

I have a buttload of hw too.  Econ/chem/physics test this week.  FML.  

I'm off to the library right now.  Speaking of which, if there are any CWRU people reading this, check out for a cool Easter egg themed candy bar hunt!

So followers tell me,




No class! wooo

Worked out today at 8 though.  Like e're day.  I like my body.  It's sexy.  I'm vain.  Sue me :D

Recently, I've been watching That 70's show.  I think I might have a slight obsesison with Donna.

This brings my celebrity loves to a grand total of :
--Tina Fey. But not in Baby Mama.  I don't like that movie.
--Katy Perry
--Laura Prepon (Donna)
--Jennifer Love Hewitt ( :D )

But yeah.  Right now my comptuer wallpaper is Tina. 
This one (scaled down):

Too lazy to get food :/ I mean I have poptarts but tards who make the rules say no toasters in the room.  Blarg

My day was going to include the following events:
--Greek Sing practice
--Dodgeball tourney
--Get shitfaced

Now it's just get shitfaced.  Blunt rollin ahora ;D

Also, I'm enjoying Soul Calibur 2. Especially Ivy
(dat ass...)

So hey.  Comment below which movie actress you would totally bone.  Or just say me if you're a broad.




So yeah.

I have a physics lab due at 6pm.  I'm not usually this productive, starting as early as 4 hours before, but hey.  I was inspired.

I thought I'd share the interesting list of things I've been wasting my life with:
--Checking my blog 234553456 times
--Opening microsoft word
--webcomics (cyanide and happiness ftw)
--bathroom ;D
--changing some housing stuff for next year
--setting up music
--re reading the lab manual for like a minute
--typed my abstract (zomg 10% of lab=done)
--on a roll and started intro & theory
--more blogging

I need the weekend.

Spring break starts after next week ends.  Nashville broads should be... inbre-I mean interesting.

Yeah.  Interesting.

Sara(h) wasn't at econ today :(  She has this sexy librarian sort of look.  Seeing that I am completely in love with Tina Fey, that is quite delectable to me.

Yes.  Delectable. I quite enjoyed finding this picture searching "sexy librarian" on Google images.

Wish me luck though.  Lord knows that only a miracle will get me through this report AND a worksheet about the other lab I did last week




Blog Entry

So.  First post. Cool.

I was inclined to start the blog because I figured more people would read my blog than my useless twitter account.  Plus, I like talking.  So here goes

It's already about halfway through the semester.  It's my frosh year at Case Western and I'm lovin it.  I study Mechanical Engineering but I'm pre-dental and oh by the way I like women.  A lot.

I'll try to keep this not as offending, but I'm a guy.  Sue me. 

Periodically I'll update this with either random thoughts/experiences or (mostly) updates on my adventures in the world of women-hunting

Serious Prospective women:
--Econ girls.  Sara(h?) and either Laura or Lynn.  Not necessarily at once.  Hopefully though
--Math girl.  Kathryn.  Blonde. 
--Megan.  Sophomore.  Sorority girl.  Leaving in the summer.  Not as high on the list for these two reasons but still she's totally hot.

However, may I notify you, the reader, that Case women are generally not hot. The girls on the list are a select few that have made it.

Today, really the only "progress" was that Kathryn wore sweatpants today and chose to sit in front of me.  Meh, right? Well to my gratitude she was wearing a delightful pink victoria's secret thong. Go sweatpants man.  Anyways, those things were riding down like a motherfucker and I did not remember a second of math today.

In my room.  Going through a Beatles phase.