Blog Entry

So.  First post. Cool.

I was inclined to start the blog because I figured more people would read my blog than my useless twitter account.  Plus, I like talking.  So here goes

It's already about halfway through the semester.  It's my frosh year at Case Western and I'm lovin it.  I study Mechanical Engineering but I'm pre-dental and oh by the way I like women.  A lot.

I'll try to keep this not as offending, but I'm a guy.  Sue me. 

Periodically I'll update this with either random thoughts/experiences or (mostly) updates on my adventures in the world of women-hunting

Serious Prospective women:
--Econ girls.  Sara(h?) and either Laura or Lynn.  Not necessarily at once.  Hopefully though
--Math girl.  Kathryn.  Blonde. 
--Megan.  Sophomore.  Sorority girl.  Leaving in the summer.  Not as high on the list for these two reasons but still she's totally hot.

However, may I notify you, the reader, that Case women are generally not hot. The girls on the list are a select few that have made it.

Today, really the only "progress" was that Kathryn wore sweatpants today and chose to sit in front of me.  Meh, right? Well to my gratitude she was wearing a delightful pink victoria's secret thong. Go sweatpants man.  Anyways, those things were riding down like a motherfucker and I did not remember a second of math today.

In my room.  Going through a Beatles phase. 



  1. Kayla!! If you pursue, respect +10.

    also, pray that no Case women find this blog. My friend got a lot of heat from his college, Elon, when he insulted one of his suite mates through his blog. He's on academic prohibition, but at one point it looked like it was going to turn out a lot worse.

  2. Nice post, I like the Beatles too.

  3. sarah + laura are in my sages, if you're talking about the nursing girls hahaha

  4. I blame my low GPA in high school on the insistence of the women in my school sporting a whale tail. Shit's like the arc of the covenant, look once and you're doomed.

  5. Everyone is going through something always.